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Name:                 Kevin Paul Jenkins 
Address:             Cartref Gwawr
                            68 Rehoboth Road
                            Five Roads
                            SA15 5DZ

Telephone:         Home (01269) 860768
                            Work (07774) 452577
                            Mobile (07774) 452577

Email:               Kevin@svek.co.uk

Date Of Birth:     10/07/58
Marital Status:     Married
1967-1975         Llanelli Boys Grammar School
'O' Level             English Literature
                            English Language
1975-1977         Llanelli Technical College
                            'O' Level           Accounts
                            'A' Level           Law
                            O.N.D.              Business Studies
1977-1979 Polytechnic of Wales Pontypridd
                            H.N.D. Computer Studies

Main Skills
SQL Server Developer - Stored Procedures, database design, Triggers, Index / Performance Tuning
SQL Server Database design using ERwin/ERX.
Database monitoring and tuning.
Development of Batch programs in VB4 / VB5 using RDO / DBLIB ODBCDirect to access SQL Server databases.

Development of COM objects for Microsoft Transaction Server
Development of VB programs to interface to SQL Server via SQLOLE ( Job scheduling etc.)
Development of BCP Load routines for SQL Server together with control systems to ensure data consistency.

Development of Stored procedures varying from simple select procedures to fairly complicated match algorithms to compare "PAF" data to clients own data using SQL cursors etc.
Integration of existing Legacy systems (ICL) with Client Server systems using TPMS Cobol transactions and Boldon James API.

Extraction of data from Legacy systems for loading onto Client Server systems including BCP development, automatic load procedures, automatic Statistics tidies etc.
VB4 Development against Access, SQL Server
Beta Testing - VB4, SQL 6.0, SQL 6.5
Integration of VB with ICL Mainframe using Boldon James API
ICL TPMS and IDMS Maintenance and support including Tuning and Recovery
Provision of System tasks for time critical batch jobs.
Provision of an SLA recording system
Filestore Design, in particular to consider performance and resilience aspects, use of utilities to monitor the results of filestore usage and provide reports on the efficiency of use of the filestore.
Transfer of services to different machines, use of ICL's Export and Import facility including providing estimates of run times etc.

Other Project Work
Design, Code and Implement a system for a Hotel to enable automated calculation of tariffs and record names and addresses of guests for use in Mail-shots.
The system was written in VB3 for Windows 3.11, and produced confirmation letters to be mailed directly to customers.
The system also provided an analysis of guests arrivals and departures together with a cash flow report to be used to check against the till report to ensure that all moneys were collected accurately. This system reduced the possibility of fraud / deception by ensuring that accurate reports were produced and allowed the hotel to reduce staffing levels at the reception desk by removing some of the standard typing and filing requirements for the reception staff.
Provision of an equipment tracking system written in VB4 Professional for windows 95 for a client using an Access database to hold a list of equipment against sites and employees.
Development of a Car Hire Accounting System written in VB4 for Windows 95 using an Access Database to deal with all invoice production and expense analysis and produce VAT Analysis and nominal ledger reports. The system also produces Cash Flow projections by vehicle on a weekly basis. Reports were produced using Crystal Reports on temporary Access tables.
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Career History



Duration: June 2002 – December 2002

Position: SQL DBA, SQL Developer, Web Developer, Technical Architect

Environment: IIS 5, Crystal Reports 8, SQL 2000, Windows 2000, VB6, asp, COM+



Technical design for an asp based Intranet solutions based on asp, JavaScript, COM+ and SQL 2000.

Development of Physical data model.

Performance tuning of a large asp based database solution including stored procedure optimization, index tuning and documentation of maintenance plans.

Mentoring Staff in stored procedure development and index tuning.



Duration: August 2001 - May 2002

Position SQL DBA

Environment: SQL 2000, ASP, Windows 2000 Crystal Enterprise 8


Design a database including import routines for conversion of a DataEase system to SQL 2000 with an intranet front end. Developing all Stored procedures for the application and developing asp pages for a generic interface to Crystal Reports - supplying configurable parameter prompts via an asp front end. Developing a number of the asp pages for the project.

Performance tuning the database including index tuning. Normalisation of the database, documenting the new schema


Duration: May 2001 – July 2001

Position: SQL DBA

Environment: Access 2000, SQL 2000, Windows 2000.


Performance tuning applications upsized from Access 2 to Access 2000 with SQL Server 2000 backend. Including Installation scripts, backup and recovery schedules. Building a generic data import routine using VB, DTS to load reference data. Design of a Client data load system using VB and stored procedures.

Converting Access Query Definitions based on tables to Query definitions based on SQL views with VB client side data manipulation functions replaced with User Defined SQL 2000 functions to improve performance, reduce network load and simplify conversion. Creating T-SQL Stored procedures to replace action queries in Access.

Planning and deploying standard backup and maintenance routines using SQLMAINT including supporting documentation. Replacing Access backend validation (field validation) with “instead of” triggers to reduce development time on access conversion. Implementing delete triggers to replace access cascading deletes.

Contracts Continued

National Mutual

Duration:   March 2000 – April 2001

Position:   SQL Consultant, Senior SQL DBA / Team Manager

Environment:     Windows NT 4,  SQL Server 6.5, Windows 2000, SQL 7.0, SQL 2000


Setting up successful disaster recovery strategy, developing an archival strategy, standardizing and documenting installations.

Overseeing database design, investigation of performance issues. Developing guidelines/ standards for use of SQL Server. Developing and deploying a replication strategy for Mobile users including testing on SQL 7 and 2000. Upgrading systems from SQL 6.5 to SQL 7 and SQL 2000.

Use of DTS, BCP, provision of data warehouse for Business Objects sourced from mainframe.

Implementation of housekeeping routines to maintain indexes, production database schema / stored procedure upgrades. Migration of existing systems to new servers (compaq)

Development SQL active-passive cluster based on EMC SAN storage, testing use of SAN BCV’s for hot standby server on SQL Server 2000.

ICL Retail Division - Major Retail Company development

Duration:           Sept 1999 -
Position:           Technical Design Authority
Environment:     Windows NT 4,  SQL Server 6.5, Raft 4
Responsible for leading of developers producing stored procedures and ensure that Technical standards are adhered to. Provision of Technical Design documents detailing how the data is to be obtained from the database including mechanisms for transfer, standards for queries and advising on optimization techniques.

Responsible for “system processes” via CA Unicentre, job scheduler including designing 24 * 7 schedule as well as normal / non trade schedules. Raising of alerts to the customers TNG site, ensuring batch jobs are written to standards.

Liaison with support for live database problems, performance analysis
Provision of test scripts for team members and QA of teams work
Interviewing developers for SQL server posts.

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ICL Retail Division - Major Retail Company development

Duration:           April 1998 – Sept 1999
Position:           SQL Developer / Team Leader
Environment:     Windows NT 4,  SQL Server 6.5, Raft 4

This involves loading files from a HP system onto the server via BCP and then loading the data into the relevant RAFT tables on the server. Extracts consist of obtaining the data in the required format via stored procedures and then outputting it to local filestore via BCP for the host system to retrieve.
Loading "Base" data onto the database for delivery to the customer, this is performed with a mixture of ISQL Insert scripts for low volume static data and BCP for High Volume static data.
Writing VB Scripts to compare the contents of multiple servers.
Table design for customer specific requirements e.g. Extract / Update intermediate tables.
Generation of test data, liaising with Validation teams to coordinate testing.
Tuning / Tailoring of core stored procedures to meet customer requirements.
Performance analysis via SQL Trace with Performance Monitoring
Providing population figures for the database sizing / dump strateg
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Welsh Water (Hyder)

Duration:           November 1994 - April 1998
Position:           Technical Consultant PC Services
Environment:     Windows for workgroups, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4, SQL server 6, SQL Server 6.5

Worked as the SQL DBA on the first phase of the project specialising in the Design, build, load and tune of an SQL server database containing name and address data, the data was sourced from the ICL legacy systems. Development of a batch system on the server to maintain the data downloaded nightly from the ICL system containing all changes to the legacy database. The batch system was written in a mixture of DOS and SQL Stored procedures using enterprise manager to schedule the batch with alerts directed to support staff via Exchange.
Development and testing of stored procedures including tuning using query plans and optimising indexes for a production environment against "full sized" database.
Development of a name and address matching system and development of prototype code to match the records on the server against PAF files (using OSPAF). Including various viewers etc. in VB 4, Program later converted to VB5

Integration of Quick Address search engine with the in house search engine by adding Address Point keys to the records on the SQL Server version of the legacy database enabling the QASBatch product to be used for post code recode's etc.

Development of mainframe Cobol programs to be integrated (using Boldon James Application data interchange for windows) with VB. Development of VB code to interact with the Cobol programs.

Investigation and development of code comparing ODBC Direct, DBLIB using ODBC API and DB-Library routines, resulting in the initial release of the development going live using ODBC API with a later rewrite to use DBLIB when the 32 bit VBSQL.OCX was released with SQL 6.5

Worked on the Design team for the second phase of the project which included the evaluation of alternative methods of developing the code e.g. Use of MTS to co-ordinate transactions allowing much easier use of DCOM, Evaluation of RDO and the impact of pool manager lead to the second phase of the product (multi-utility front-end) being developed using RDO with a 3-tier architecture for resilience. This was partly lead by the facilities available in MTS and partly due to the ease of use of RDO compared with DBLIB together with Microsoft's policy change towards RDO and ADO. 

Work on a conversion project from dbase to SQL server for third party client, this involved taking a single user dbase system and specifying a system to work as per Microsoft standards as a true client server application using VC++ for OLE objects with a VB presentation layer running on various RDBMS platforms (specifically ACCESS for introductory system single / multi user low volume), SQL server for high volume systems and ORACLE 7 for clients with this as their preferred RDBMS platform

Trials / Evaluations of SQL server / RDMS designer tools notably Erwin/ERX and S-Designor. General Server support including Raising of bugs/investigation with Microsoft Premier support to deal with problems with index builds, corruptions of TEMPDB etc., administration of accounts on development (SQL) server. Evaluation of MS Visual Database Tools.

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Contracts Continued

DSS Preston

Duration:           November 1993 -November 1994
Position:           System Designer
Environment:     Multi Platform ICL

Provision of Filestore Maps for the Estate on an Application basis, co-ordination of all filestore across the estate(except development machines) using Lotus 1-2-3 for documentation builds. Designing the Filestore Layout for all services and ensuring that the Base Support teams were given comprehensive instructions to ensure that all layouts could be built to specification.
Monitoring the Filestore usage of the services.
Provision of Technical Manuals to detail the Build and any upgrades to any services, this involved determing the layout of all users in the service, detailing the database design - number of areas, whether simplex or duplex and size of each area.
Converting the Departmental Central Index Name and Address file to SIF format for a Fraud Initiative, this involved extracting 10Gb of data, merging the data using a COBOL program, sorting the data and then converting the results file to CAFS legible for inspection via HSDM (High Speed Data Matching)
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Welsh Water Authority

Duration:           March 1993-September 1993
Position:           Technical Consultant (Migration Project)
Environment:     L80 4 nodes and SX 530-20


Prepare and perform a migration exercise to move the existing computer equipment to a new site. The exercise was performed over a series of weekends with minimal down time for users.
Provide a plan to ensure that the migration was implemented smoothly. The project consisted of commissioning a RCS unit to support the development node at the new site, the development node was then upgraded to an SX 595-30 and the actual work moved. This was performed via Export / Import of all users to the new system, the moves were coordinated to enable sufficient equipment to be moved in the same timescales utilising a string of hired FDS5000's to cover the short fall in equipment.
The Helmsman system was also revised during the exercise to link all work by application type in order to identify the components required for the migration of each individual component system.

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Southern Electricity

Duration:           November 1992 - March 1993
Position:           Technical Consultant (Helmsman / Vigilant)
Environment:      SX and L80
Implement an environment control system using Ultracomps Vigilant/VEMU PC based system.
Amendments to Helmsman system

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 Welsh Water Authority

Duration:      March 1989 - October 1992
Position: Systems Programmer
Environment: 4 Node Level 80


Implementation of Mantis applications into TPMS Service
Sceptre Monitoring
TPMS / IDMS Support
Conversion from Mantis to Cobol
Development of SYSTEM TASKS

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P-E Conversion for Somerset County Council

Duration:           September 1988 - March 1989
Position:           TPMS Consultant
Environment:     ICL 3960

Conversion of TPS system to TPMS
TPMS Support
SCL Programming, Cobol Programming


Duration:           October 1987- September 1988
Position:           Superstructure Support
Environment:     ICL Dual 3980 (Maintained by Milk Marketing Board)
                           ICL 3960 maintained by Dairy Crest


TPMS / IDMS Support
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Dental Estimates Board, Eastbourne
Duration:       June 1987 - September 1987
Position:TP Consultant


TPMS Support
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Permanent Employment  1986-1987
British Gas (Wales) Plc
Helmont House

Software Programmer
Systems Programmer
Senior Systems Programmer
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Environment: ICL 2966 (Dual)

First Line Support of all Superstructure products including evaluation of new products.
TPMS Support


Dyfed County Council.
Trainee programmer
ICL 1904s
ICL 2960
ICL 2957 (VME)


Comms maintenance
George 3 support
VME support
Payroll applications programmer

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